How to install OBB?

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How to install OBB?

How to install OBB ?
1. Download
installation apps directly.
Way 2:

Steps to install OBB file to play game:

1 (There are obb files available)
+ Download game files including APK + OBB
+ Install the APK file (enter the game and then exit immediately so it creates a folder name)
+ Then go to storage/Emulated/0/Android/obb
+ Then find the name of that game folder and put the OBB file in that folder and you’re done :v
forgot if the OBB file is a zip file, remember to extract it :v
– It’s so simple :v
2 (Only MOD APK file)
+ Go to Chplay to download the game
+ Enter the game to update the OBB folder
+ Then go to storage/Emulated/0/Android/obb
+ Find the OBB folder of the last game
+ Rename that folder by adding the letter “X” (for what :v sure you guys don’t know :v haha ​​)
+ Done remove the newly downloaded game or application
+ Then install my download box APK
+ Then go to storage/Emulated/0/Android/obb
+ Rename the folder earlier by deleting the “X”

ok let’s go to the battle game.

Way 3:

This article will guide you to install obb files for games that require obb files to be able to play. Please follow the instructions below!

  1. You need download & install this app: APKCombo Installer <- Click here
  2. Open APKCombo Installer app.
  3. Click to Install.
  4. Select  the files .APK & .OBB you want to install.
  5. And click to OK.
  6. If you still don’t understand, please see the tutorial image below.


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