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ANDROID MOD Game FRAG Pro Shooter Ver. 1.7.9 MOD MENU APK | Godmode | One Shot Kill | Unlimited Ammo / Ability / Diamonds / Coins | Mass Kill


Thành viên BQT

Name: FRAG Pro Shooter
*MOD Features*
  1. - Godmode
  2. - One Shot Kill
  3. - Wall h.a.c.k
  4. - Unlimited Ammo
  5. - Unlimited Ability
  6. - Freeze Bots
  7. - Speed
- [ Account Menu ] -
  1. - Unlimited Diamonds - [ Fixed At 4,500 - Enable Before Loading Screen]
  2. - Unlimited Coins - [ Fixed At 10,000 - Enable Before Loading Screen]
  3. - Unlimited Joker Cards [ Adds 10,000 Every Time You Open A Chest ] [NEW]
- [ More Options ] -
  1. - Mass Kill [NEW]
  2. - Tele Kill [NEW]
  3. - Change Height [NEW]
  4. - Player Size [NEW]
- [ Passive ] -
  1. - No Ads [NEW]
- [ How To Get Unlimited Diamonds / Coins ] -
  1. Start Game
  2. Enable Unlimited Diamond / Coins
  3. Then Buy Something With Coins / Diamonds
  4. Now You Should Have 4,500 Diamonds , 10,000 Coins
You Don't Have To Do This Method Anymore If You Can Buy Items With That Currency It Will Go Up To The Fixed Amount

Discovered Progressing Too Fast Will Not Upload Your Save Leading To No Connection Error [NEW FIND]

- [ If Your Getting Ads When Trying To Start A Game , It Means You've Been Banned ] -

Game Description:
Get ready to discover FRAG PRO SHOOTER, a free shooter game by Oh BiBi! Play explosive 1v1 duels against players from all over the world with this amazing FPS designed for your phone.

- Join more than 50 million players worldwide.
- Meet other players for short but crazy battles!
- Control your character in first person or third person views.
- Discover the new co-op mode! Cooperate with another player to defeat your opponents!

- Switch between your 5 characters and gain the advantage!
- Being dead isn't that bad: regain life instantly with another character!
- Build your battle team to fit your game style: attack, defense, etc...

- Over 80 characters for building your dream team and becoming the best shooter.
- Customize your characters with powerful and exciting skins!
- Upgrade your characters to make them even more awesome!

- Expand your FAN BASE to become popular!!
- Join a club or create your own to make your team famous!
- Record and share your games and decks, and check out others’ to become better!

- Every character has their strengths and weaknesses: try them all to see which ones are best for you!
- Attack the enemy target to get lots of points, but beware of ambushes!
- Check your missions for amazing rewards!

FRAG PRO SHOOTER is a match for any rival PC or console game. It has everything a shooter needs: FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter) options, auto shoot, and all the controls are adjustable to fit your playing style! It’s no secret that FRAG PRO SHOOTER has more than 50 million players, so come join the fun!

Installation Instructions:

1. Tải APK mod về máy.
2. Gỡ cài đặt phiên bản gốc (nếu có).
3. Cài đặt mod.
4. Play =))
1. Thiết bị của bạn phải được root.
2. Thiết bị của bạn phải được vá đầy đủ.
3. Cài đặt trò chơi gốc từ playstore hoặc sử dụng APK trò chơi gốc khi được tải lên tại đây. Nếu bạn đã cài đặt trò chơi gốc, hãy bỏ qua 3. & 4 ..
4. Bắt đầu trò chơi gốc và đăng nhập một lần bằng Google+.
5. Đóng trò chơi và cài đặt APK chưa ký trên phiên bản playstore (không xóa trò chơi gốc).
Đăng nhập Google+ được không? Yes.
Đăng nhập Facebook được không? Yes.
1. Tải xuống tệp OBB hoặc tệp DATA và giải nén tệp zip.
2. Tải xuống bản Mod.
3. Di chuyển tệp OBB (thư mục com.xxx) sang thư mục Android / OBB trong thiết bị của bạn
4. Cài đặt APK Mod
5. Play =))

Download Links:

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